[Standards] Could anyone using XMPP-0277 or PEP help us test our Onesocialweb implementation ?

kael ka-el at laposte.net
Wed Apr 14 12:36:24 UTC 2010

On 03/29/2010 11:10 AM, Laurent Eschenauer wrote:
> Hi everyone,


Sorry to be late on the reply.

> Just wanted to tell you guys that we changed the notification engine
> of Onesocialweb from our crappy custom stuff to.. XEP-0277 ! We made
> quite a few custom changes to support activitystreams, per item
> privacy etc.. but still remain compatible with the overall
> PEP/XEP-0277 protocols. I'll ping an email later with suggestions on
> evolving PEP and XEP-0277 based on our work.

I think the XEP-0277 is not complete and may be buggy.

Consider the situation with users A, B and C.

A and B are subscribed to each others node, as well as B and C, but not 
A and C.

A publishes a message.

B replies to A by publishing a message which is also received by C.

C wants to reply to A and publishes a message, but A won't receive it 
because A is not subscribed to C.

So it looks like something's missing, perhaps a Cc-like mechanism.

Also, the use of the <thr:reply-to/> element can create privacy issues 
since it theoretically contains the JID of the previous poster which is 
sent to the replier's contacts.

I think this case should be addressed, specially in the light of the 
Google Buzz privacy issues. Similarly, I'm wondering if there shouldn't 
be a public and a private roster, but it makes things much more complicated.

> In the meanwhile, I need help on the following:
> 1) Is there any pubsub client out there ??? I wanted to check our
> implementation against a generic client supporting PEP (and ideally
> support rendering of Atom content and even XSLT) but did not find any
> !

There's OneChannel <http://xmpp-sandbox.org/onechannel> which supports 
ATOM payloads but it doesn't support Pubsub-On-JID.

Synapse <http://synapse.im> has support for XEP-0277.

Regarding XSLT, are you referring to the 'pubsub#body_xslt' option ?

> 3) Can anyone try to 'follow' me and give me feedback ?
> (xmpp:eschnou at vodafonernd.com?;node=urn%3Axmpp%3Amicroblog%3A0)

I have subscribed to your node and retrieved the items.

Some <atom:entry/> contain two <atom:content/> elements, and I think 
it's not correct.

Also, the Pubsub items contain the ACL elements.

I'm to write an OSW component for ejabberd and have looked at the 
updated specs, but they seem to miss some informations on ACL. Is there 
any schema for ACL ?



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