[Standards] IBB session close errors

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 04:43:48 UTC 2010

Excerpts from Peter Saint-Andre's message of Wed Apr 14 23:02:16 +0100 2010:
> On 4/13/10 8:11 AM, Matthew Wild wrote:
> > I (nobody ask me why) recently implemented a server-side IBB->TCP
> > proxy. Everything went smoothly, and it actually maps quite nicely,
> > given that it is already bidirectional.
> > 
> > One noticeable thing lacking though is a way to close a stream with
> > an error. I can add this data in a new namespace, but it struck me
> > that it might be useful to specify either a way to add an error to a
> > <close/> stanza, or simply (but perhaps less cleanly, as it only
> > works in direct reply to an incoming data packet) specify that a
> > stream is closed if any type="error" stanza is received in reply to a
> > sent stanza.
> Seems reasonable to me. Can either party generate the close+error?

I think so, yes.

> What errors do you think we need to support?

This part I'm undecided on. There are 2 options. We could re-use the
stanza errors in xmpp-core, or define a new set of errors specifically
for IBB.

The former on sight may appear cleaner, and is certainly simpler. Though
it suffers from the problem that many of those errors are XMPP-specific,
so won't apply. There may also not be errors to cover all cases.

The latter I worry would have the potential to turn into an ad-hoc
wishlist of error conditions, though perhaps I'm being overly cautious.

For my use case I don't really mind, since I'll likely be extending it
with TCP errors in my own namespace. This would likely be overkill for
most applications though.

Perhaps better to simply define just a /way/ to add errors, leaving
applications able to re-use the stanza errors, or define their own.

What do other people think? Define IBB-specific errors, or no?


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