[Standards] Could anyone using XMPP-0277 or PEP help us test our Onesocialweb implementation ?

Laurent Eschenauer laurent at eschenauer.be
Sat Apr 17 10:58:07 UTC 2010

> >I think that the protocol should capture the threading information, and
> leave it up to the clients to decide how that is presented to the >users.
> Some will prefer the twitter style (reflecting maybe better the way
> conversation may happen in real life) and the more regular >commenting
> style.
> How would threading work then in a real implementation? In the situation of
> A, B, C where B and C are only subscribed to A and A posted something to A’s
> PEP node and B posted a reply which only goes to B’s PEP node, how would C
> ever get that message? Would the implementation send it to C somehow (and
> how, a PEP message?)
In our implementation, when B and C reply to A, they are in fact commenting
on A's item. This means that post their reply to A and A is rebroadcasting
it based on the initial privacy rules attached to its item. Now, if B and C
also wants to post it to their node, they can, but therefore they may expose
some content that A did not want to see rebroadcasted.

> It seems like in twitters model the conversation thread is not the central
> thing, but the user is. This results in twitter streams looking like a lot
> of people “talking past” each other. It’s a very bad model, there isn’t any
> conversation or communication in twitter, just a lot of disconnected posts.
> In my opinion the conversation thread should be the key element. Users
> should contain threads which could be subscribed to.
Let the user decide. We support both. A twitter style model where users
'shout' at each others (our equivalent of @replies) and threaded commenting
on a per item basis (like in Facebook and Google Buzz).

>  Maybe I am in the minority, but I prefer to follow threads of
> conversations of interest, not everything a person chooses to post.
Our protocol supports both. Clients decide what they implement and how they
present it to the user, and hopefully there will be enough choice for you to
pick a client that suits your needs.

Thanks for the comments !

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