[Standards] Could anyone using XMPP-0277 or PEP help us test our Onesocialweb implementation ?

Bruce Campbell b+jabber at bruce-2010.zerlargal.org
Sun Apr 18 05:45:59 UTC 2010

On Sat, 17 Apr 2010, Stephen Pendleton wrote:

> My feeling is that XEP-0277 doesn't scale well, especially with PEP and
> frequently reconnecting mobile clients in the mix. In particular the
> rebroadcasting of messages (for example the replies to A that get
> broadcasted to everyone subscribed to A no matter if they are interested in
> that thread) creates a lot of traffic (and noise) on larger implementations.
> You can see what would happen with a large implementation.

As far as traffic goes, this isn't much diffferent from a busy MUC chat 
room; the one-to-one (sending a post or reply) and one-to-many 
(broadcasting the post/reply to subscribers) relationships are effectively 
static compared to the number of messages/posts sent through.  Presumably 
large implementations would use the same solutions.

Regarding excessive noise caused by a deluge of replies on a given 
item/thread, looking at XEP-0060, 16.6 could be used to unsubscribe from a 
particular item in a given microblog, effectively muting that thread. 
The particular wording reads:

| The "pubsub" querytype is defined herein for interaction with pubsub 
| services, with three keys: (1) "action" (whose defined values are 
| "subscribe", "unsubscribe", and "retrieve"), (2) "node" (to specify a 
| pubsub node), and optionally "item" (to specify a particular item at a 
| node).

Leading to:

<iq type='set'
     from='juliet at capulet.lit'
     to='paris at escalus.lit'
   <pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'>
     <unsubscribe node='urn:xmpp:microblog:0'>
       <item id='marry me juliet'/>

Using this to ignore a particular item may run into interoperability 
issues with existing implementations however.  I suspect that a number of 
clients will effectively do this on the client side by simply not showing 
any further replies to the user.


   Huh, Count Paris doesn't seem to have a family affliation apart from 
kinship with the Prince.

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