[Standards] XEP-0133 get roster

Florian Zeitz florian.zeitz at gmx.de
Mon Apr 26 16:06:53 UTC 2010

On 26.04.2010 11:57, Kevin Smith wrote:
> I'd not noticed the oddness in the get-user-roster command in Service
> Administration before. It seems out of place with the rest of the XEP
> (which claims to be an ad-hoc profile) to have this command in there
> that requires special client support. Should this be returned in a
> text-multi instead (or as well)? I can see the appeal of re-using
> roster semantics for returning the roster, but it doesn't seem to fit
> with the idea of a generic admin interface.
> Thoughts?
> /K

I had this "problem" some time ago when implementing this for Prosody.
(Don't ask me why I didn't bring it up here, probably just forgot)
I choose to additionally return the roster XML in a text-multi field.
This is admittedly pretty ugly, but as close as I got when trying to
convey the same information.


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