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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Apr 27 09:00:08 UTC 2010

In XMPP, each stream has a default namespace. Stanzas are the  
elements with local-name "message", "presence", or "iq", qualified by  
that default namespace. Streams also have other, specifically  
documented, top-level elements, such as those for SASL, or TLS  
negotiation - these being explicitly signalled as being acceptable.  
Other unknown top-level elements will cause the connection to be  

In particular, §4.5.2 of rfc3920bis states:

   A default namespace declaration is REQUIRED and defines the  
   first-level children of the root stream element.

Note that §A.1 includes:

           <xs:choice minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='1'>
             <xs:choice minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='unbounded'>
               <xs:element ref='client:message'/>
               <xs:element ref='client:presence'/>
               <xs:element ref='client:iq'/>
             <xs:choice minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='unbounded'>
               <xs:element ref='server:message'/>
               <xs:element ref='server:presence'/>
               <xs:element ref='server:iq'/>
               <xs:element ref='db:result'/>
               <xs:element ref='db:verify'/>

(In other words, either client or server+db elements appear, never  

And § describes the unsupported-stanza-type stream error:

   The initiating entity has sent a first-level child of the stream  
   is not supported by the server or consistent with the default


My assertion is that if a server sees, on an S2S stream, a top-level  
element of local-name "message" qualified by a namespace of  
"jabber:client", for example, it should - for strict conformance with  
the specification - issue a stream error and shut down the stream.

In a recent change to M-Link, we tightened up our handling of  
namespaces on stanzas, so we are now conformant WRT the above.

There has since been some (unfortunately public) suggestions that not  
accepting client stanzas on an S2S stream is a bug in M-Link, so I'd  
like to seek other opinions on the correct behaviour.

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