[Standards] XEP-0266 - Recommended codecs

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Thu Apr 29 00:42:11 UTC 2010


I was playing around with Jingle a bit today, and noticed some issues between clients, so I wanted to propose an addition to XEP-0266.

Even though the spec has a few codecs listed, I think we should have a list of priorities for the different codecs, and even a single codec that is the minimum requirement.

Why? Because we all want Jingle to work :)

As default codec, I would like to propose Speex 8khz, as this codec is very light, and is not patented at all, and it is supported by some mobile devices already.

The further ranking of codecs would need to be defined (possibly Speex 16khz one step up?).

On a semi-related matter, for the video codecs, I'd like to wait for Google I/O and see if Google will make VP8 free, which would make an amazing codec for video.


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