[Standards] JID matching in XEP-0045

Florian Zeitz florian.zeitz at gmx.de
Thu Aug 5 18:50:14 UTC 2010

[This time from the correct account...]

as discussed in jdev@ today XEP-0045 is slightly underspecified and/or
different from what people expect in terms of matching JIDs.

1. Roles: (not discussed in jdev@)
"Roles are granted, revoked, and maintained based on the occupant's room
nickname or full JID"
One can join a room with the same nickname from multiple different
resources. What happens if different full JIDs have different roles, but
the same nick is unspecified (AFAICT). I'd expect this to be strictly
nickname based...

2. Affiliations: (discussed in jdev@)
Affiliations are supposed to be handled by bare JID, however:
a) Outcasts are an exception from this rule and use the same matching as
privacy lists.
b) It's not clear what happens if e.g. a domain is in the list of
members. Does that mean only the server itself may join the groupchat,
or are all accounts on the server supposed to be able to join the
groupchat too.

It seems people (including me) mostly expect the JID matching rules
specified for privacy list to apply to all forms of affiliation. In fact
it seems to be implemented this way in ejabberd.
My personal use-case is that I'm hosting a MUC for university purposes
on my own server that should be members only, but all users of the
university's server should be members.

Florian Zeitz

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