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From: Kevin Smith
Date: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 2:40 PM
Subject: Minutes 2010-12-01
To: XMPP Council

Minutes for meeting held 2010-12-01 1600UTC.

1) Roll call
Matt, Matt, Kev, Ralph present. Nathan missing.

2) Agenda bashing.

3) Council's role.

Discussion of Council's role when there's a lack of things to discuss.
Partly the lack of things is a consequence of Council now observing
voting periods, instead of repeating agenda items week on week, as has
happened in the past (prior to last year). It's also difficult to get
things done during the winter period. General acceptance that
something may need to be done if the current drought of activity
continues, but for the moment to settle on a roadmap and see where
that goes. Perhaps Council doesn't need to be doing things as a body,
but the members of Council should be generating activity.

4) Roadmap.

Discussion's been happening on the members list
(http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2010-October/006040.html) -
this should continue. General Council interest in File transfer,
archives. Possibility of file transfer interop testing at FOSDEM.

5) Open issues on specs.

Peter's got a tonne of -45 changes to key in, as well as some -198
changes suggested onlist. -266 needs finishing up. File transfer in
general. MattJ and Kev have new archiving specs, and various other
things around that, to finish off and submit at some point.

6) Date of next meeting

2010-12-08 1600UTC.

7) Any other business.



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