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Simon Tennant (buddycloud) simon at buddycloud.com
Mon Dec 20 20:39:37 UTC 2010

On 20/12/2010 19:01, Thomas Baquet wrote:
> Okay, so let's take the Atom way then: when a node allows a write 
> access to user, it means he can post reply to items on it. But there 
> stills a problem: imagine than - in a more general way - I post an 
> blog article on my "blog" node; how will I manage wether people will 
> effectively post a reply to this article or when they will post an 
> article which is not a reply? For certain kind of content allowing 
> people post in my node item which are not necesseraly item can be 
> useful (like facebook wall), but others no.
It would really help if we had some concrete examples of what features 
and use-cases this spec is trying to support?

We all have different ideas of what micro-blogging means means and 
arbitrarily hammering out a spec without some predefined use cases and 
users stories is spec-masturbation: fun, but rather pointless.

It may well be worth leaving this spec as nothing more than "publish to 
a node" (pep or pubsub) and "use atom payloads.

Trying to define anything more than that, like the business logic of who 
can reply to what is really the role of an implementer and depends on 
the type of community they are building their application for.

If people want to define more then implement an application and see how 
users use it and adjust accordingly.

I would really like this stuff all standardised based on how buddycloud 
users have used channels, but even then I think that going more detailed 
is really constraining (and with little benefit).


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