[Standards] XEP-0198 starting count

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 02:27:19 UTC 2010

On 18 February 2010 01:20, Justin Karneges
<justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 February 2010 17:00:09 Joe Hildebrand wrote:
>> On 2/17/10 12:05 AM, "Joe Hildebrand" <joe.hildebrand at webex.com> wrote:
>> > While we're in there, can we add a bit for the client to tell the server
>> > "I'm going away for up to 10m, please don't close my session when my
>> > socket goes away."
>> And we also need to specify what presence we show for someone in that
>> state.
> Interesting point.  The document never discusses how a cleanly disconnected
> stream differs from a broken one.  I'd say that </stream:stream> must be used
> for a clean disconnect (which means the session is gone and unavailable
> presence is sent on the client's behalf), otherwise the stream is considered
> broken and the session stays active.
> This means that a client can also intentionally uncleanly disconnect, by
> simply closing its socket and not sending </stream:stream>.  If the client
> wants special presence while gone, it just needs to send presence (and
> probably request ack) before hanging up.

+1 to the above interpretation. I don't think there's anything extra
we need to define, just clarify.


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