[Standards] IQ Pubsub again (was Re: Fwd: Meeting minutes 2010-02-15)

Joe Hildebrand joe.hildebrand at webex.com
Fri Feb 19 06:34:12 UTC 2010

On 2/18/10 8:44 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

>>>  * To have "acks" without implement XEP-0184 Message Receipts or similar
>> What do you do if you don't receive the ack?  Resend?
> IQs MUST be acked or errored according RFC 3920. Bad client, bad!
> Now the ack or error might be lost. Again, there are no guarantees here.
> But it's more likely that the subscriber supports 3920 semantics for IQs
> than that it supports XEP-0184.

There are a myriad of ways the original IQ or the ack could get lost.  My
point is that the response does not serve any value to the sender, since I
don't believe there is anything useful to be done when the sender does not
receive the ack.  Resending is almost always going to be wrong.
>> Headlines to unknown resources aren't well-defined.  To be logically
>> consistent, they should be dropped.
> Yes, that needs to be clarified in 3921bis. Currently it says the
> following for the case of message to full JID, no such resource:
>    o  For a message stanza of type "chat", "headline", or "normal", the
>       server SHOULD treat the stanza as if it were addressed to
>       <user at domain> as described in the next section (but without
>       modifying the value of the 'to' attribute).

Heh.  It turns out that type='groupchat' is exactly what you want.  From
section of 3921bis:

   For a message stanza of type "groupchat", the server MUST NOT deliver
   the stanza to any of the available resources but instead MUST return
   a stanza error to the sender, which SHOULD be <service-unavailable/>.

Joe Hildebrand

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