[Standards] Enterprise Users & Groups

Fasihullah Askiri faskiri at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 07:39:07 UTC 2010

Hi All,

We are trying to use XMPP in our application where there will be a user
group like Finance or HR to which the application would want to add users.
We are planning to write a custom XMPP component which would check for
presence of the users in the group and should be able to direct queries from
some other users to a member of this group. This application would
eventually inter-op with an enterprise XMPP server so we would like to
reduce the dependency on XMPP server configuration to a minimal. Also,
ideally we would like that the users of the group are auto-subscribed and
would not require the user to manually send a presence "subscribed" packet.

I am not sure if pubsub or group is what we need, please advice.

Best Regards
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