[Standards] Syncing legacy contact list

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 19:23:05 UTC 2010

On 5 June 2010 19:58, Brian Cully <bcully at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5-Jun-2010, at 05:35, Guus der Kinderen wrote:
> Again, the gateway will initiate a session on Romeo's behalf to the legacy
> domain. The legacy roster representation is obtained, which now includes
> Juliet only. A typical gateway representation will send out a roster-add
> suggestion for legacyjuliet at gateway.example.org to the XMPP client of
> Romeo. As this item already exists on the XMPP roster, it is silently
> ignored. Benvolio's representation however, is also still there. Unless the
> gateway has either direct access to Romeo's XMPP roster, or obtains somehow
> the delta of roster changes on the legacy domain since the last login that
> the gateway did (both are unlikely), there's no way that the gateway can
> determine that it should send out a Roster Item Deletion suggestion. Romeo's
> XMPP roster will continue to include both:
> legacyjuliet at gateway.example.org
> legacybenvolio at gateway.example.org
> Benvolio is still there, even though it was removed from the roster on the
> legacy domain.
> This is a general issue with roster item exchange, but soluble. We have our
> roster item exchange component cache it's latest suggestions in a database
> so it can detect deletions from the legacy service. IOW, our server
> remembers that it once sent out adds for both legacyjuliet and
> legacybenvolio. When romeo logs in again, it sees that only legacyjuliet is
> in the current legacy roster, but that it previously suggested an add for
> legacybenvolio, so now it should suggest a removal.
> -bjc

That would work indeed. I'm not thrilled by the prospect of having to
duplicate all legacy rosters in local persistent storage, but at least this
way, we can make the XEPs work properly.

Should the XEP suggest how roster syncing should take place in more detail
than it does now?

- Guus
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