[Standards] Pubsub affiliations

Tuomas Koski koski.tuomas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:37:18 UTC 2010


On 9 June 2010 18:45, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
> What does the panel think the behaviour of a client should be if it
> encounters an affiliation it doesn't recognise?
> Currently, we've recently added a publish-only affiliation, and I know that
> Buddycloud have a moderator affiliation. It seems likely that others will
> want to define affiliations as well.
> There's probably some benefit in having methods to discover what the actual
> permissions of these affiliations are, and possibly - as discussed in the
> last Summit - some value in ways for clients to define these.
> But my initial query is just about the status quo - how do we handle the
> creation of new affiliations in XEP-0060?

IMHO this is a very good question. The affiliations are "business
rules" where it's defined what some entity can do or cannot do. I
think the more developers will use the XEP-0060 to build an interface
to their services, more custom affiliations will appear.

Would it be completely stupid idea to take the strict "affiliations'
privileges definition" out of the XEP and define a way to create
custom affiliations, discover what the affiliation can do and how to
handle the exceptions, etc?

It's just an idea. What do you think?


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