[Standards] XEP-0184: some minor remarks

Steven te Brinke s.tebrinke at student.utwente.nl
Tue Jun 22 20:56:20 UTC 2010

When I read XEP-0184, I thought about a few situations which are not 
explicitly addressed in the XEP, so I did draw my own conclusions. It might be 
desired to add (some of) these to the XEP explicitly. I leave that for someone 
else to decide. I just list them here so anyone can think about them:
1. It is not strange to receive multiple receipts for a single message, 
because a user might have his messages delivered to all clients instead of a 
single one (depending on which kinds of delivery the server supports).
2. Regarding the recommendations when not to request receipts, I would say it 
is not recommended to request a receipt for any message carrying a receipt. 
(This can become problematic if not designed carefully.)
3. Is there any recommendation regarding message archiving? If the receipt 
request is in the archive, a receipt might be send every time the user browses 
the archive. If a receipt request is removed before archiving, it is possible 
that a receipt is never send (e.g. in an IMAP like system, messages are 
archived by the server to be received by a client from the archive).


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