[Standards] Invisible Command and probes

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Jun 30 18:29:00 UTC 2010

Matthew Wild wrote:
> This is the problem. It has frequently been raised that the probes
> sent by the user's server can be detected by a contact's server (think
> plugins for easily-extensible XMPP servers...) to signal that the user
> is invisible. This issue is/was present in even ICQ, and they don't
> need to handle a federated network.

Is there a standard way the contact's server can notify the user about 
the probe?

> Some people prefer "true" invisibility (no probes) and are willing to
> sacrifice immediate presence (they want to exchange messages with a
> known JID, or they want to join a chatroom). This isn't the same as
> not sending presence, because if you don't send presence then you
> aren't eligible to receive stanzas sent to the bare JID.

So we need to decouple initial presence and the ability to receive 
stanzas sent to the bare jid?


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