[Standards] Any ongoing work on VCard 4 ?

Laurent Eschenauer laurent at eschenauer.be
Tue Mar 9 08:53:50 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there is some ongoing activity in bringing vcard 4
to xmpp once it is ready ?

If moving ahead with vcard-4, will this reside in XEP-0054 or should
it be another extension ? Is there already a proposal out there ? If
not.. I volunteer to write one and implement it.

As you may be aware, we have initially decided to use Portable
Contacts as our data model for users profiles in our Onesocialweb
project (http://onesocialweb.org). However, now that we are
implementing it, we realize that it is a total pain to extend and
lacks strict specification with respect to the values of fields. If we
are going to put effort into this, better for us to do it with a
standard more likely to be used by the XMPP community at large and
VCard 4 seems to be the right fit.

Your thoughts on this will be much appreciated !



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