[Standards] Initial thoughts on vCard4 XMPP extension

Laurent Eschenauer laurent at eschenauer.be
Thu Mar 18 10:31:56 UTC 2010

>>> As discussed previously, I've started looking at a potential vcard4
>>> extension. Here are some initial thoughts. I'm sure that I missed a
>>> lot of things, having just looked at these specs for the first time.
>>> Feel free to add/comment. Once we had some more discussions, I'm happy
>>> to summarize the feedback and have a go at a first draft.
> I am not quite sure if vCard is a good format in the first place, what
> about moving forward to things like the OpenSocial format for
> specifying profiles ?

This was our initial intention as part of the onesocialweb project
(http://onesocialweb.org). However, it appears that PortableContacts
(same as the OpenSocial contacts spec) is really a JSON centric spec,
with a focus on simplicity and no provision for extensions.

For further discussions on this, see this thread on the PoCo mailing list:

We have therefore decided to look into vCard4 which has strong support
for extensibility and for which a XML spec now exist.

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