[Standards] urn:xmpp:langtrans#items

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu May 6 02:02:08 UTC 2010

XEP-0171 defines "urn:xmpp:langtrans#items" as a protocol namespace.
However, Section 2.3.2 of RFC 2141 discourages the use of "#" in URNs:

   RFC 1630 [2] reserves the characters "/", "?", and "#" for particular
   purposes. The URN-WG has not yet debated the applicability and
   precise semantics of those purposes as applied to URNs. Therefore,
   these characters are RESERVED for future developments.  Namespace
   developers SHOULD NOT use these characters in unencoded form, but
   rather use the appropriate %-encoding for each character.

Therefore in my role as XMPP Registrar I would counsel us to change this
URN to "urn:xmpp:langtrans:items".

Discussion is welcome.


Peter Saint-Andre

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