[Standards] Status code 100 in MUC

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 12:41:40 UTC 2010

Hi all,
  We seem to have a contradiction in XEP-0045 about when to send
status code 100. From 13.4, we get:

"Depending on room configuration, a room MAY expose each occupant's
real JID to other occupants (if the room is non-anonymous) and will
almost certainly expose each occupant's real JID to the room owners
and administrators (if the room is not fully-anonymous). A service
MUST warn the user that real JIDs are exposed in the room by returning
a status code of "100" with the user's initial presence..."

Which says you should send 100 to everyone in any room that's not

Then you have
"If the user is entering a room that is non-anonymous (i.e., which
informs all occupants of each occupant's full JID as shown above), the
service SHOULD allow the user to enter the room but MUST also warn the
user that the room is not anonymous. This SHOULD be done by including
a status code of "100" in the initial presence that the room sends to
the new occupant"

when describing joining non-anonymous rooms, with nothing when joining
semi-anonymous rooms, and the status codes registry has:
  <stanza>message or presence</stanza>
  <context>Entering a room</context>
  <purpose>Inform user that any occupant is allowed to see the user's
full JID</purpose>
</statuscode> "
which says that you only send them for non-anonymous rooms.

Any thoughts?


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