[Standards] JID matching in XEP-0045

Florian Zeitz florian.zeitz at gmx.de
Wed Oct 6 20:19:34 UTC 2010

Am 06.10.2010 21:17, schrieb Waqas Hussain:
> I'm +0.5 to allowing <node at host> to inherit affiliation of <host>.
> However, changing affiliations from being based on bare JIDs to being
> based on full JIDs seems pretty significant. What's the rationale? How
> useful is this?
This is NOT making affiliations based on full JID. It specifies rules
for matching. Where you in order match against full JID, bare JID and
then domain. This is a backwards compatible change in the sense that
clients only operating on bare JIDs still work exactly the same.
The rational is that this is the same matching used for Privacy Lists
and also what was previously specified for the outcast affiliation. This
means it avoids special casing. (Note: Setting affiliations was
previously not supported for full JID and domain, but the XEP allowed
matching against it if they ended up in the list by other means).

Florian Zeitz

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