[Standards] hierarchical MUC permissions

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Oct 15 07:54:30 UTC 2010

On Fri Oct 15 08:08:19 2010, Justin Karneges wrote:
> Just throwing out ideas, and I'm curious if anyone out there has  
> done
> hierarchical permissions in their MUC implementations, standard or  
> not.

Kind of.

M-Link has - sort of - domain level affiliations, for MUC at least.  
I'm going to (as part of my workload for the next major release we  
do) unify these into proper domain-level affiliations, but for now  
they operate only for the Owner and Outcast, and basically grant a  
Super affiliation or ban from every room respectively.

Clients don't see the Super affiliation or role in M-Link, they just  
see them as Owner and Moderator respectively, but "true" Owners can't  
do much about Supers, and Moderators cannot demote Supers either.

Similarly, there's a global "operators" group which is effectively  
granted Super across all domains (including both MUC and IM, and I  
should get this working for PubSub shortly).

For groups of rooms, it's just limited to having multiple MUC  
services. In general, this is what we recommend to customers with  
complex access-control needs (for instance, we do have true  
domain-level labelling and clearances, as well as room-level, and  
we'd be happier seeing label-capable clients support these rather  
than only handle a single MUC domain as most do).

I'd be inclined to stick with this pattern, too - add domain-level  
affiliations in a more general way, include them in protocol (we  
currently use a magic room in MUC), and not try to expose them (very  
much) in the affiliation lists of the node/rooms. The problem with  
doing so is that domain-wide Owners cannot be overridden, and I think  
exposing them as affiliations on each node is going to be confusing -  
in operational circumstances, these are either special accounts and  
rarely used (and called "administrator" or "root"), or else they're  
known to the users by out of band means (ie, in Isode, everybody has  
quickly learnt that Kev and I are system-wide operators).

Either way, users quickly understand that the superusers are beyond  
their means to control, and act accordingly.

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