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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Sun Oct 17 10:20:44 UTC 2010

On Sun Oct 17 10:13:50 2010, Michael Laukner wrote:
> The second is from the CDCIE chat protocol.  It's of the form:
>      <x xmlns='jabber:x:tstamp' tstamp="CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ/>
> For example:
>      <x xmlns='jabber:x:tstamp' tstamp="2008-03-10T12:43:18.002Z/>

I'd note that this one, at least, is actually used much like the  
"signing time" explicitly defined in XEP-0285 - and presumably Kurt's  
new proposal will have the same.

A bare timestamp has the problem that there's no semantic behind it  
defining what the timestamp is for - the current time of the entity,  
the sending time, the time the signature was added - all might be  
subtley different.

It's not clear from CDCIE, as I recall, whether the timestamp there  
is the original send time or the signing time, but - again, as I  
recall - CDCIE always assumes signatures are only from the original  

But in any case, I've been persuaded that XEP-0203 is the model to  
follow - that is, a timestamp should always be accompanied by  
something that tells us what it's for.

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