[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0220 (Server Dialback)

David Richards drichards at coversant.com
Fri Oct 22 19:11:05 UTC 2010

OK, so it does matter whether SASL or dialback is marked required since
there is no stream restart on dialback - correct?  Which of course bega that
question as well.

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I would like to see the advertisement section (2.3) revised to be more
prescriptive about how to use the two forms.  It seems to me that an XMPP
1.0 stream should only advertise with the old dialback namespace method on
the initial stream element of the negotiation in case it's a 0.9
implementation.  If the response is a 0.9 stream then keep going in that
mode.  If the response is a 1.0 stream, it should not include the old
namespace and then must include a dialback feature.  Not including the
feature seems wrong - 0220 only says it is preferred, not required.
Preferably, the receiving server would not include the old namespace at all
on the stream in response to a 1.0 stream.  It just confuses matters.  And
on stream restarts, the old ns should not be used at all by either side.

Also, why the recommendation to have dialback required and SASL optional if
both are advertised?  I'm not sure it matters, just curious about the
rationale.  Seems like the server would mark as required the one that it
prefers since it doesn't make sense to do both - sort of a makeshift
priority indicator.

Dave Richards

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