[Standards] vCard4: IQ vs. PEP

Joe Hildebrand joe.hildebrand at webex.com
Thu Apr 7 06:45:48 UTC 2011

On 4/7/11 7:53 AM, "Kevin Smith" <kevin at kismith.co.uk> wrote:

>> We also need to get the "only send me updates sense the last time I was
>> online at time X (UTC)" extension increased in priority.
> Oh, right. For that, I think we just want pubsub nodes to expose MAM.

MAM?  Please parse.

I was talking about:

  <x xmlns='this is my first presence of this session'
     time='this was the last time I was online, and I cached all important

This is a hint to PEP implicit subs that they can take the time, back up
some for clock skew, and only send me things that have changed since.

If it is copied into the presence probes, it can also reduce presence storms
on brief logouts (i.e. for sessions not using -198) as well as optimize

Joe Hildebrand

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