[Standards] updated Sensors proposal

Charles Spirakis css at google.com
Thu Apr 14 08:15:17 UTC 2011

All --

For those on the mailing list who may not be familiar with the
Sensor-Over-XMPP (aka SOX) proposal, SOX is a payload specification
that allows sensors and actuators (data producers) to provide
information to agents (data consumers) via XMPP's publish-subscribe
extension (XEP-0060).

The SOX effort has been going on at CMU for over 3 years (Sensor
Andrew - http://www.ices.cmu.edu/censcir/sensor-andrew/) and is
currently used to monitor buildings on the CMU campus. SOX works with
any XMPP server that implements XEP-0060 and the authors currently
have sensors and actuators connected via SOX on unmodified ejabberd
and openfire XMPP servers. Open source SOX libraries have been written
in both C and Java.

Sensors and actuators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and protocols
and the SOX proposal attempts to demonstrate its flexibility by
including several use cases and examples. For those who prefer shorter
documents, feel free to skip over section 5.

As Peter mentioned, we are very interested in seeing if people think
SOX can meet their sensing and control needs and if not, what aspect
of the proposal could be modified to meet those needs.

-- charles

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