[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0220 (Server Dialback)

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Thu Apr 14 11:45:23 UTC 2011

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> Preferably, the receiving server would not include the old namespace
>>> at all
>>> on the stream in response to a 1.0 stream.  It just confuses matters.
>>> And
>>> on stream restarts, the old ns should not be used at all by either side.
> Ah, I see what you mean -- if you *know* that the other side knows about
> XMPP 1.0 then use the stream feature exclusively.

which is a problem because the dialback stream feature is an 
afterthought and not "xmpp 1.0".

I would propose to get rid of the first bullet (and associated text) in 
section 2.3. This "new" method of signalling support for dialback does 
not offer any advantages.
That way, the stream feature is only used to signal support for dialback 
error handling.

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