[Standards] [jdev] Fwd: XMPP in the browser -- your thoughts?

Joe Hildebrand joe.hildebrand at webex.com
Tue Feb 22 19:03:32 UTC 2011

On 2/22/11 5:09 AM, "Hannes Tschofenig" <Hannes.Tschofenig at gmx.net> wrote:

> Aren't there XMPP implementations in the browser already out there?
> Example: Strophe http://code.stanziq.com/strophe/
> So, what are you guys planning to do on top of it?

Those implementations use BOSH (XEP-124 and XEP-206) to tunnel XMPP over
HTTP.  Having a full XMPP stream on a single TCP socket can be more
efficient, secure, and easier to deploy.  The nice thing is that
implementations could choose to fall back on BOSH if XMPP-in-browser didn't

Joe Hildebrand

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