[Standards] XEPs facing automatic deferral

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jan 12 16:34:38 UTC 2011

Folks, I'm finally starting to catch up with XEP processing after a long
hiatus caused by my work on the XMPP RFCs, so expect to see a higher
volume of messages from me over the coming weeks.

The first order of business is deferring some XEPs that haven't been
updated in 12+ months. Right now those are:

XEP-0266: Codecs for Jingle RTP Sessions
XEP-0264: File Transfer Thumbnails
XEP-0269: Jingle Early Media
XEP-0272: Multiparty Jingle
XEP-0274: Design Considerations for Digital Signatures in XMPP
XEP-0181: Jingle DTMF
XEP-0251: Jingle Session Transfer
XEP-0268: Incident Reporting
XEP-0253: PubSub Chaining

And the following three XEPs are facing automatic deferral before the
end of this month:

XEP-0275: Entity Reputation
XEP-0276: Temporary Presence Sharing
XEP-0277: Microblogging over XMPP


Peter Saint-Andre

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