[Standards] XEP-0266 (Codecs for Jingle Audio) MTI

Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:17:15 UTC 2011

I'm concerned about the MTI audio codec specified in this XEP (G.711).

A mantra of the IETF (and many standards bodies) is "rough consensus and
running code".  We've reached rough consensus on an MTI audio codec, and
this is good, but based on the discussion on the Jingle list I do not
believe we have any Jingle implementations currently supporting full G.711
support (and if we do, they're very few).  I do not recall anyone in the
discussion stating that they had added support for G.711 themselves.

There are no ready-to-use permissively licensed libraries and only code
samples implementing this codec.  As far as I'm aware, using it currently
requires implementers to fully understand the codec and take responsibility
for its compatibility with other implementations.

I'm not objecting to this codec as mandatory to implement but to the current
breadth of its implementation.  Before this XEP moves forward I would really
like to see a good deal of implementations with its promotion on empirical
rather than theoretical difficulty.  Its all too easy to dictate that
everyone should do something before the impracticality of that dictation is
fully understood.

If this is as easy as some have said, then current Jingle implementations
should have no problem adding it quickly and we can promote this XEP
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