[Standards] RTT, take 2 -network load

Gunnar Hellström gunnar.hellstrom at omnitor.se
Fri Jun 24 09:55:52 UTC 2011

Dave Cridland wrote 2011-06-24 11:01:
> I'd like to see, somewhere in this document, a discussion about 
> network load, and a consideration that clients (and possibly servers) 
> MAY, or possibly SHOULD, disable RTT if network conditions deteriorate.

There is a very brief discussion along that line in section 4.4.

The recommended transmission interval of one second and smoothing out of 
characters in presentation during that second is a first good guarantee 
against congestion. This is very different from the 
character-by-character transmission technologies that can cause very 
high network load by rapid typers.

So, the load is a maximum of one message per second from each active 
typer. - About 5 kB/s.

If character-by-character transmission was used, it could end up at 20 
messages per second and about 100 kB/s.

So it is a huge difference.

How much mean load does a message-wise IM participant cause? Is it one 
message every 10 seconds and 1 kB/s ?  Maybe a factor 5-10 less than the 
RTT user.

It is a good habit to include a "Congestion considerations" section in 
this kind of specifications. So, let us aim at create one.
I see the following parts can be created:
-Server congestion considerations
-Client load considerations
-Multiparty load considerations

What good bases for such discussions do you suggest to refer to?


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