[Standards] Redirects in BOSH

Evgeniy Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Tue May 10 05:58:59 UTC 2011

10.05.2011 15:03, Evgeniy Khramtsov wrote:
> 10.05.2011 02:29, Glenn Maynard wrote:
>> ...
> OK, it's not a big deal to use redirects on clients, we can move that 
> part on front-end servers, such as nginx. So I have a question about 
> cookies: is it ok to use them? Are there any problems with them? 
> Should we add a note about them in the XEP? It would be great to push 
> some state in the cookies to avoid state sharing across the cluster. 
> Also, a front-end can use them to make route decision without asking 
> the back-end (XMPP server).

Hum, in the XEP-0124 there are some notes about cookies:
1) BOSH can address the needs of constrained clients by employing 
fully-compliant HTTP 1.0 without the need for "cookies" or even access 
to HTTP headers.
2) Clients are not required to have programmatic access to the headers 
of each HTTP request and response (e.g., cookies or status codes).
3) Requiring cookies is sub-optimal because several significant 
computing platforms provide only limited access to underlying HTTP 
requests/responses; worse, some platforms hide or remove cookie-related 

Not sure what that means.

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