[Standards] updated Sensors proposal

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Wed May 18 14:44:31 UTC 2011

This feedback is obviously very late, but here it is just the same.
The reason that I vetoed this spec is specifically that I think
sending commands over Publish-Subscribe is a misuse of the spec.
Commands generally require error handling and acknowledgement.
Additionally, I don't see the use-case for broadcasting commands to
subscribers in this spec. IQ payloads, XEP-0050, and others handle
sending commands, and given the nature of the examples in the spec, I
think these would be better suited for the "setValue" scenario.

I encourage you to either provide an example and argument against my
reasons stated or re-submit the spec using a more appropriate method
for setValue.  I agree that this has use, but I disagree with the
current form for sending commands.

I apologize that this feedback is so late.

-Nathan Fritz

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