[Standards] Stream Management and Acks (XEP-0198)

Nate Leon n8leon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 00:05:50 UTC 2011

thanks for the quick reply!

To add more perspective...
I am working on a server project.
Having worked on protocol servers for many years I have learned that 
clients will send you junk.
(I see ESMTP/IMAP in your sig, so I know you know what I'm talking about :-)
Thus, I cannot assume that whatever I'm talking to is well-behaved.
I try to follow the "be strict on what you send, liberal on what you 
receive" principle.
I want the end-users to have a good experience when enabling XEP-0198,
and so, I'd like to mask as many errors as possible, including ones from 
buggy clients.
Given all that, I think disconnecting the client seems overly harsh when 
the r/a mechanism fails.
Even if I haven't received an ack to my request in (say) over four 
minutes, and the client
continues to send me other stanzas.

I do see your point about the server dropping the connection, and giving 
the client a chance
to warn the user / reconnect using SM, and possibly getting things back 
in sync.
On the flip side, a buggy client that doesn't respond to acks in some 
will constantly be warning the user and re-connecting.  That user will 
likely disable SM forever.


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