[Standards] request for reviews: XEP-0045 v1.25rc5

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Sep 5 11:00:43 UTC 2011

On Wed Aug 31 18:41:15 2011, Alexander Holler wrote:
> Just to summarize the problems I see with those requests (to change  
> affiliation):
> 1. I haven't found out how the user has to build such an request.  
> E.g. the request for voice as described in the XEP doesn't work  
> with either ejabberd or M-Link ( or I did something wrong during my  
> short tests ;) ).
M-Link doesn't do voice requests (or room registration, either).  
Maybe we should.

> 2. The service has to parse and translate every request into a form  
> which is then presented to moderators. The service has to replace  
> all labels and has to check every type.
> And because I think there should be standardized way for those  
> requests I don't see why using a form for such a request offers any  
> benefit over something like this:
> -----
> <message from='user2 at example.com/box'
>          to='room2 at chat.example.com'>
>   <x xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#request' type='submit'>
>     <item affiliation='member' nick='someone'/>
>   </x>
> </message>
> -----
A form would allow the addition of a CAPTCHA, for instance.

> In both cases the service has to generate a form which is then  
> send/presented to moderators, but parsing _and_ verifying something  
> like the above message is much easier than parsing _and_ verifying  
> a form.

Not especially, actually. There is an issue with hidden fields,  
possibly, but those are pretty trivial to deal with.

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