[Standards] MSN does XMPP

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Wed Sep 14 20:00:27 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, September 14, 2011 12:25:52 PM Justin Karneges wrote:
> On Wednesday, September 14, 2011 10:43:38 AM Nicolas Vérité wrote:
> > Thanks for those of you who twitted it:
> > http://www.liveside.net/2011/09/14/messenger-connect-is-now-live-connect-
> > ne w-apis-for-skydrive-and-hotmail-calendar/ XMPP Interface : You can
> > integrate Messenger into your Web-based,
> > desktop, or mobile instant messaging products by connecting to our
> > XMPP service.
> Has anyone had any luck viewing the SDK documentation?  There's a .chm file
> and an .msi file, but the former appears to have no content and the latter
> installs but with no indication that anything has been installed.  I'm on
> Windows 7.

Replying to myself.  I just learned that .chm files are considered potentially 
harmful and by default the operating system blocks loading of their content.  
You have to click "Unblock" in the properties of any such file you care about.  
Shows you how much I use Windows..

Details from the docs:
  - messenger.live.com is the XMPP domain (there are xmpp-client SRV records 
but no xmpp-server).
  - login requires using a special SASL mechanism "X-MESSENGER-OAUTH2".
  - JIDs are {identifier}@messenger.live.com, where {identifier} comes from the 
OAuth access token.
  - No mention of S2S as far as I can tell, even though the announcement seems 
to hint at it: "Messenger will now be accessible via XMPP for any application 
or *IM network* that wants to interoperate with it." (emphasis mine)
  - The docs reference RFCs and XEPs.  Very nice. :)


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