[Standards] MSN does XMPP

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Sep 14 21:53:55 UTC 2011

On 9/14/11 1:49 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> On 9/14/11 1:12 PM, Nicolas Vérité wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 20:52, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
>>> On 9/14/11 12:49 PM, Dave Cridland wrote:
>>>> Running some
>>>> interop tests
>>> Perhaps it's time for another online interop test?
>> Perhaps it's time to go further than these interop tests?
> I'm not disagreeing with that, but I think another round of interop
> tests would be good preparation for more formal testing at the next XMPP
> Summit (probably at FOSDEM 2012) and also automated testing at xmpp.org,
> perhaps leading to certification. The XSF Board of Directors plans to
> discuss this and related matters at its meeting on September 21, and as
> always those meetings are open to the public in the chatroom at
> xmpp:xsf at muc.xmpp.org (the meeting will be either at 16:00 UTC or one
> hour later, I will post again when that's been decided).

The meeting will be held on 2011-09-21 at 16:00 UTC.


Peter Saint-Andre

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