[Standards] XEP-0198: Stream Management - Clarifications

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Sat Sep 17 18:12:51 UTC 2011


Am 16.09.2011 18:33, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:

>> It is RECOMMENDED that the sending side wait for some
>> timeout period before sending the stream:error.  The timeout SHOULD be
>> long enough for a given client time to clean out any queues.  Since this
>> extension is to help establish continuity of communication, especially
>> for clients that have inconsistent connections, providing some leeway in
>> the form of time, and not immediately kicking due to delivery of stanzas
>> other than an<a />, for a client to respond to an<r />  with an<a />
>> is important to help with the spirit of the purpose of Stream Management.
> Something along those lines seems fine to me.

I don't think something like that should end in the XEP. That just 
raises the question "how long" and can't be generally answered. E.g. the 
default keep-alive timeout for Linux is 7200 seconds. And what happens 
if the connections is slow and a really big stanza (serveral MB) is on 
the way. Or what if many small stanzas (e.g. from a file transfer) are 
queued up or on the way? Or ...

Whatever time might be recommended by the XEP might be wrong for several 
circumstances. Such times make only sense in a very clearly defined 
environment (e.g. some realtime message systems with limited packet 
sizes or such).



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