[Standards] Account Management protoXEP

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Sep 21 18:10:45 UTC 2011

> For both account management and registration, using the ad-hoc framework
> seems most sensible - it would allow us maximum flexibility as well as
> near-instant deployment.

I don't think registration fits the ad-hoc use case, because it is a
special action outside of the general session flow, which means you
can't rely on it being accessed from the generic "Execute ad-hoc
command" functionality of a client. That's why i think such a thing
should probably get a dedicated protocol (on top of data forms).

That said, I agree with Kurt that the need for in-band registration is
probably not very high, because of typical out-of-band registrations
these days. So I'm also inclined to suggest to develop a XEP for
account management without registration, and possibly base it on
ad-hoc commands.

Putting account management in ad-hoc commands means that we don't
expect clients to have a "Change password" button, but instead go
through the server provided "Change account settings" dialog. It takes
away power from the client (it won't be able to add fancy things like
password strength measurers), but it gives more power to the server to
provide a UI (e.g. instructions) that fit it, and it saves client
development time :-)


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