[Standards] Suggestion for XEP-0045 : permit alias for the MUC address

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Sep 23 21:19:47 UTC 2011

On 9/23/11 3:17 PM, EcliptuX wrote:
> Le 23/09/2011 23:05, Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :
>> On 9/21/11 12:01 PM, EcliptuX wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On my jabber server, I'm running a MUC on the address
>>> conference.domain.tld
>>> I want to be able to create an alias like muc.domain.tld, but the
>>> XEP-0045 don't permit it.
>>> Is possible to add this specification in the next release ?
>> The specification doesn't restrict the addresses -- I have seen
>> conference.jabber.org, muc.xmpp.org, rooms.swift.im, etc.
> I think I was not clear :)
> I have an active room named salon at conference.onnouscachetout.com
> I regret the choice of the term "conference" 

I regret the choice of "conference.jabber.org" many years ago, too, but
it's the best that Peter Millard and I could come up with at the time.

> and I want to change it to
> a shorter one as "muc"
> I want to have my room on salon at muc.onnouscachetout.com, but I want to
> keep the old one working ! I don't want to disturb my guests !
> So, I really want an alias of @conference.onnouscachetout.com to
> @muc.onnouscachetout.com
> And it's look like the XEP-0045 don't support this fonctionnality yet :)

In general we don't have JID aliasing. However, this is probably
something that your MUC implementation could do for you -- I don't think
it's a spec issue but a deployment issue.


Peter Saint-Andre

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