[Standards] PEP inconsistency with presence subscription

Sergey Dobrov binary at jrudevels.org
Tue Sep 27 16:35:29 UTC 2011

The problem have it's begging in this ejabberd ticket:

I have small microblogging experimental project based on XEP-277, when
user wants to read some user, he sends subscribe presence. Another user
automatically sends "subscribed" but he doesn't obliged to ask presence
in the answer if he doesn't want to read the user's blog. But the
situation will be reversed: the first user will not receive
notifications but the second will.

But the problem can't be solved because if contact have subscription
"from" then I can't see user's presence and hence it's capabilities too
and I can't generate events. But if subscription is "to", I see the
presence and caps and I can generate events BUT since the opponent has
not requested our subscription then, it's reasonable to say, that he's
not interested in receiving our events. So the situation just what isn't
needed and can't be solved with the current caps behavior.

With best regards,
Sergey Dobrov,
XMPP Developer and JRuDevels.org founder.

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