[Standards] We need to extend XEP-0080. (XMPP and Next Generation 9-1-1 / i3 / geolocation)

Mark Rejhon markybox at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 21:40:43 UTC 2012


I think we need to make an extension to XEP-0080 to be sufficiently
complete enough for use with Emergency Service (9-1-1), which often require
handling of non-circular-shaped estimated location data.  (So this is more
advanced than the "circle estimate" you see on map apps on

According to this IETF draft
Emergency Services Functionality with the Extensible Messaging and Presence
Protocol (XMPP)
  Location Conveyance:

     The ability to convey a PIDF-LO and a location by reference in SIP had
been defined by [RFC6442].  For a single call there may be more than one
location object in a call.

  While there is a location extensions available in XMPP with XEP-0080 it
is not equivalent to the functionality listed above.  XEP-0080 offers a
different civic location format and geodetic location based on a reduced
set of loation shapes.  It uses an XML encoding and allows this information
to be conveyed in XMPP.  *A table with a mapping to the PIDF-LO semantic is
provided in XEP-0080 but unfortunately since the functionality is not
equivalent to the list presented above there will be a loss of
informationduring the lifecyle of location handling in most of the

Notice the phrase "a loss of information" -- unacceptable in the name of
public safety (i.e. lost in the forest or lost at sea)

And it will be getting much more complex, with i3 having much more complex
geolocation requirements. My contacts are starting to ask me about an XMPP
specification they can use.  Because of the migration to Next Generation
9-1-1 and Texting-to-9-1-1 (some of which is already being trialled over
XMPP), there is potentially a lot of companies that are going to demand
this in the next few years, including one that I work with.   (Note, some
of it is done over SIP, but other trials go over XMPP as shown in the
diagrams in the IETF draft.

It would thus, be pertinent to extend XEP-0080 in the name of public safety.
Alternatively, if this is overkill and makes XEP-0080 too complex, then a
separate "XEP-0XXX: Advanced Geolocation" should be made, which could be a
superset of XEP-0080 general purpose geolocation.

This is actual demand for an actual need.

Mark Rejhon
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