[Standards] We need to extend XEP-0080. (XMPP and Next Generation 9-1-1 / i3 / geolocation)

Joe Hildebrand jhildebr at cisco.com
Mon Apr 2 23:53:16 UTC 2012

On 4/3/12 1:04 AM, "Barry Dingle" <btdingle at gmail.com> wrote:

> An extension of XEP-0080 or a new, enhanced super-set XEP is very
> necessary. Regulators are slowly recognising that they must provide
> Emergency Service access using the forms of communication that many people
> use on a daily basis. XMPP is a classic case.

So ignore XEP-80.  Assume it doesn't exist.  Writing an extension to it
doesn't help you get your 911 service deployed more quickly.

> Emergency Services people NEED public specifications of protocols before
> they will specify their use in their Requirements.  Casual enhancements
> will not 'fly' with them.

Write a XEP then, as I mentioned in the last mail.  It's really not hard.
Just follow the directions here:


Joe Hildebrand

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