[Standards] XEP-0301 -- embedding small illustrative animated GIF into spec

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Aug 1 15:15:50 UTC 2012

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I was suggesting that we host the image at xmpp.org but not embed it
in the document -- I don't particularly want an animated GIF in the
middle of the spec, but I'd like to have a stable URL we can point to.

On 8/1/12 9:08 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> I have concerns embedding something into a document that reduces
> its printability.  As archaic as this sounds, I often print
> specifications in order to review them!
> That said, I'm not immediately opposed to it, but would approach
> with caution. The text is still the record of authority here.
> - m&m
> Matthew A. Miller <http://goo.gl/LK55L>
> On Aug 1, 2012, at 07:46, Mark Rejhon wrote:
>> Note: Precedent on image embeds exists -- an example image is
>> embedded into XHTML-IM (XEP-0071).
>> On 2012-08-01 8:53 AM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im>
>> wrote:
>>> On 7/23/12 1:17 PM, Mark Rejhon wrote:
>>>> [Question] Understood -- animation really helps explains
>>>> real-time text, if they haven't seen it before. Can we use a
>>>> more well-known site (i.e. realtimetext.org 
>>>> <http://realtimetext.org>?) since we can put my animations
>>>> there too? Alternatively, can we embed an image, like
>>>> XEP-0071 has an embedded image?  (If I make a generic
>>>> animation, and convert it to animated GIF format)
>>> I think it would be great to host a sample animated GIF at
>>> xmpp.org, for archival purposes.
>> For now, I have switched it to realtimetext.org in the
>> already-published v0.6, but an embed (found in certain XEP's)
>> would be even more preferable, though it obviously would have to
>> be very small and very generic, which probably requires it to be
>> hand-made or a special RealJabber mod.
>> Examples animations I have already made, which are probably not
>> suitable, but useful to see:
>> 1. My animation of key press intervals 
>> http://www.realjabber.org/anim/real_time_text_demo.html - too
>> big - too non-generic
>> 2. Facebook-style concept animation 
>> http://www.realjabber.org/anim/facebook_chat_concept.gif - closer
>> to correct size - but too non-generic
>> 3. The animation on cover page http://www.realjabber.org - still
>> too non-generic - this was my first animation ever
>> So, that means: As I will have to hand-make a genericization
>> (something suitable even for a Wikipedia page, for the 'real-time
>> text' entry)... ...If no other people at XSF objects technically
>> to an image embed, what are the recommended criteria for an image
>> embed in XEP-0301 demoing generic real time text: - minimal GUI
>> elements (OS neutral) - small size - romeo/juliet names
>> (recommended) - no cuecard introduction frame - compatible open
>> source imagery only
>> Mark Rejhon

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