[Standards] FW: pubsub question related to notification events

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Aug 3 15:35:52 UTC 2012

On 8/3/12 9:16 AM, Todd Herman wrote:
>>I have been reviewing XEP-0060 (pubsub) and have come across something
> that is bothering me.
>>Throughout the document, notification events are highlighted and
> discussed.  The events come as a Message element with a child Event
> element that is in the jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event >namespace. 
> This is the case for nearly every event notification until you get to
> the very end of section 8 in the document.
>>8.9.4 describes the notification event for an affiliation change. 
> However, this event notification is a Message stanza with a Pubsub child
> element (rather than an Event element).  I would like to >understand why
> it is this way.  The section above it, 8.8.4, covers subscription
> notifications (very similar in nature to the affiliations) and it is
> under an Event element.
>>Could someone tell me if there is a specific reason for it being setup
> this way?  If their isn’t, I would like to submit that “affiliation” be
> added under the Event namespace (similar to subscription) and >section
> 8.9.4 be updated accordingly.
> I am resending this message from yesterday because we really need a
> response. 

Patience, grasshopper. :)

> I don’t want to move away from the specification but we want
> to code this in a manner that makes sense.  We currently use OpenFire
> and OpenFire doesn’t event seem to support this event at all so it
> shouldn’t be an issue with OpenFire.  We are writing our own server so
> we can code it to behave the way we want.  Does anyone have any thoughts
> here? 

Your question is a good one. I for one do not recall exactly why the
affiliation change notifications are qualified by the
'http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub' namespace whereas the publication
event notifications and subscription-related changes are qualified by
the 'http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event' namespace. You'll notice
that the example from Section 8.9.4 is about an affiliation change, and
we didn't have an <affiliations/> element in the #event namespace, only
in the main pubsub namespace, so that's the likely cause. In any case, I
think the example in Section 8.9.4. is "works as designed", although I
also think it would be good to validate it with existing
implementations. I'll forward this reply to the pubsub at xmpp.org list to
poke them in case they're not paying attention here.


Peter Saint-Andre

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