[Standards] Comments on XEP-0301 (possible impact on -0308 in Section 4.2.3)

Mark Rejhon markybox at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 09:46:35 UTC 2012

On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 4:06 AM, Mark Rejhon <markybox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Next, we use existing protocol (the way Kevin and I agreed) to allow the
> user to replace the word "airlock" with "window":
> <message to='juliet at capulet.net/balcony' id='good1'>
> <rtt event='reset' seq='4321' id='bad3'> But soft, what light through yonder
> airlock breaks?</rtt>
> </message>
> <message to='juliet at capulet.net/balcony' id='good2'>
> <rtt seq='4322' id='bad3'><e p="36" n="7/></rtt>
> </message>
> <message to='juliet at capulet.net/balcony' id='good3'>
> <rtt seq='4323' id='bad3'><w n="300"/><t p="36">bre</t></rtt>
> </message>
> <message to='juliet at capulet.net/balcony' id='good4'>
> <rtt seq='4324' id='bad3'><w n="120"/><t p="39">ks</t></rtt>
> </message>
> <message to='juliet at capulet.net/balcony' id='good5'>
> <body>But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?</body>
> <replace id='bad3' xmlns='urn:xmpp:message-correct:0'/>
> </message>

[sidetrack below]

(Side comment -- unrelated to the original topic matter -- but related
to Paul's usage of Wait Interval elements -- <w/> used for key press
-- Although valid <rtt/>, one caveat, whenever <w/> is used, I
generally have one <w/> per character -- rather than one <w/> per
multiple characters, but this is still allowed by the spec for
optimizing bandwidth, e.g. sampling the text box via a timer, at a
lower frequency than key press events / text change events.   I prefer
higher-precision key press intervals (I can even tell the difference
between 1/100sec granularity and 1/1000sec granularity, when a key is
held down).  So when a key is held down, I prefer all 60 action
elements per second (30 single-character Insert Text's per second and
30 Wait Intervals per second, between the Insert Text).  RealJabber
does it this way.   But this can be quite large stanzas (approaching
almost a kilobyte), though this is like "hi-fi" equivalent, in typing,
to my eyes.

Now, optimizing for bandwidth by using fewer Wait Interval's (e.g. one
wait interval for every 2 or 3 keypresses) is allowed by section 6.1.4
"Low Bandwidth and Low-Precision Text Smoothing":
Quote: "Clients can optimize for bandwidth, performance and/or screen
repaints by eliminating, merging, or ignoring Element <w/> – Wait
Interval selectively, especially those containing shorter intervals. "

So paul's usage of Wait Interval's is allowed.  Note, that I tend to
prefer to have the <rtt/> fully stuffed with all wait intervals (e.g.
totalling 700ms of <w/> intervals for each <rtt/> that is transmitted
every 700ms seconds apart), but the trailing intervals can be omitted
for convenience, at the possible cost of jerkier text playback
whenever the ping varies quite a lot.   Not a biggie, but a

All fairly nitpicky details, that are probably best left out of the
spec, but it bears worth mentioning.


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