[Standards] File hosting XEP?

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>Hello all, hope you are all good.
>Me and Jaussoin Timothée faced with a problem to attach files to microblog posts. The easier way to do that is to serve files somewhere and link to them from the posts. >But what is the appropriate way to do that?

Having files somewhere and linking to them sounds a lot like Out-Of-Band Data (XEP-0066).  It covers the linking part (mainly used in SI File Transfers and Message stanzas) and leaves the transferring of the files and how they are stored on the server to you.

>1) upload to a web server and link as http-link. But how to upload? If we will just create an API and then upload files through it then it will not be reusable. We have a XEP-0129 (WebDAV File Transfer) but it's deferred and doesn't determine some things like what exactly server we have to PUT files to.
>2) Use native file serving protocol: we have XEP-0135 which is seems to be good for me, but it's deferred again and doesn't define a way to upload files to a hosting. Also, it doesn't support Jingle File Transfers. So it needs to be finished. Also, we have XEP-0214 which seems to me too complicated. And it's also deferred, not finished, without an ability to upload files.
>Also, we need an ability to make a link to files, which, possibly, will need an invitation of new link schema. (?)

Again, see if XEP-0066 is what you need.

>So, if we want to take care about finish, which XEP should it be? What is the other nuances or guidelines?
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