[Standards] File hosting XEP?

Sergey Dobrov binary at jrudevels.org
Tue Aug 14 13:04:22 UTC 2012

On 08/14/2012 07:47 PM, Todd Herman wrote:
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>> Hello all, hope you are all good.
>> Me and Jaussoin Timothée faced with a problem to attach files to microblog posts. The easier way to do that is to serve files somewhere and link to them from the posts. >But what is the appropriate way to do that?
> Having files somewhere and linking to them sounds a lot like Out-Of-Band Data (XEP-0066).  It covers the linking part (mainly used in SI File Transfers and Message stanzas) and leaves the transferring of the files and how they are stored on the server to you.

Sure, but how client will upload it's attachments? I can do it in a
client-specific way, but then others will not be able to implement the
same thing.

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