[Standards] File hosting XEP?

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> >> Hello all, hope you are all good.
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> >> Me and Jaussoin Timothée faced with a problem to attach files to
> microblog posts. The easier way to do that is to serve files somewhere and
> link to them from the posts. >But what is the appropriate way to do that?
> >
> > Having files somewhere and linking to them sounds a lot like Out-Of-Band
> Data (XEP-0066).  It covers the linking part (mainly used in SI File Transfers
> and Message stanzas) and leaves the transferring of the files and how they
> are stored on the server to you.
> Sure, but how client will upload it's attachments? I can do it in a client-specific
> way, but then others will not be able to implement the same thing.

XEP-0277 (Microblogging over XMPP) talks about supporting rich content by allowing XHTML (such as that defined in XEP-0071).  XEP-0071 has examples of embedding images using the "img" XHTML tag.  Perhaps something similar would work for your needs.
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